Introducing DISC – The Model, Assessment, and Report. DISC is an assessment that people can get excited about. Why? Because the simple, practical insights you’ll learn means you can easily apply recommendations from the DISC Report [here’s a sample report] to make real changes in your behaviors in order to improve your work relationships.

What good does it do if you take an assessment but then put it away on the shelf because you had a hard time understanding what you just took (the assessment) and/or what the suggestions or recommendations were (in the report)?

You want an assessment that’s easy to remember and apply. You’re looking for practical nuggets of insights to better understand yourself and others, and apply actionable suggestions to improve your ability to interact and work with others.

Here on DiscAssessmentCoach.Net and through the DISC Report, I am going to share with you insights so you can better understand yourself & others. I’ll also pass along actionable tips so you can improve your ability to interact and work with others.

DISC Assessment, Report, & Debrief
$79.00 (Retail Value: $175.00)

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