Coaching Each DISC Style – Step 1. Ask About Their Goals

For the Dominant Style: D’s focus on the results (their motto: get it done). Their work behavior is doing it fast, and they seek productivity. Their strength is leading, and their weakness is being impatient. They are irritated with indecisions and can become dictatorial under stress.

Asking D’s

  • Ask D’s what they want to accomplish, how they are currently motivated and what they would like to change
  • Clarify the purpose for asking questions
  • Stay focused on goals and objectives
  • Make questions practical, logical, and straightforward
  • Keep questions direct and to the point
  • Get to the point of the coaching session

For the Influencing Style: I’s focus on interactions (their motto: Ain’t we got fun). Their work behavior is doing it by being dynamic, and they seek applause. Their strength is persuading, and their weakness is being disorganized. They are irritated with routine and can become quite sarcastic under stress.

Asking I’s

  • Get I’s talking about themselves and their interests
  • Establish personal relationships before asking questions about business
  • Ask about their aspirations and recognize their need to be valued and listened to
  • Ask about personal needs they want filled
  • Support their ideas
  • Gently keep them on topic

For the Steady Style: S’s focus on communication. Their work behavior is doing it by being friendly, and they seek acceptance (their theme: Notice how well-liked I am). Their strength is listening, and their weakness is being indecisive. They are irritated with insensitivity and can become submissive under stress.

Asking S’s

  • Speak warmly and informally, asking open questions that draw them out
  • Show tact and sincerity in exploring their needs
  • Avoid confrontations and challenging questions
  • S’s may tell you what they think you want to hear
  • Allow time for S’s to open up and reveal their needs and concerns
  • Ask them whose assistance they may need

For the Conscientious Style: C’s focus on the process. Their work behavior is doing it precisely, because they seek precision (their theme: Notice my efficiency). Their strength is planning, and their weakness is being a perfectionist. They are irritated with unpredictability and can become withdrawn under stress.

Asking C’s

  • Ask questions that reveal their expertise and knowledge
  • Ask logical, fact oriented, relevant questions
  • Phrase questions that require specific, accurate information to be shared
  • Focus questions on processes and efficiency
  • Ask questions that reveal a clear direction
  • Ask questions that show you are prepared for the coaching session

Written By: Steve Nguyen, Ph.D.
Leadership Advisor & Talent Consultant

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