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Exclusive Offer: DISC Assessment, Report, & Debrief
Price: $79.00 (Retail Value: $175.00)
What You’ll Receive:

  • DISC Assessment — taken online (10-15 minutes); 24 word groups + 6 groups that include 2 statements. Select one “MOST” and one “LEAST” for all of the word groups presented.
  • DISC Report [here’s a sample report] — a 38 page report with practical takeaways you’ll be able to apply immediately.
  • DISC Debrief Report — PLUS a 21-page DISC Debrief Guide (a $125 value) to clarify potentially fuzzy areas and reveal more “Aha!” moments.

The DISC Report + DISC Debrief Guide is a combined (nearly) 60-page manual about YOU, and your growth and self-development. It is intentionally designed to be COMPREHENSIVE so you can turn to it again and again as a resource for how to understand your own style, to understand and be able to quickly and accurately identify the style of others, and then adapt so that you treat others the way they want and prefer to be treated. To be better aware of yourself, of those around you, and of the situation you are in, you will need the tools to help you to do so.

DISC Assessment, Report, & Debrief
$79.00 (Retail Value: $175.00)